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Our diverse portfolio of services in geotechnical, environmental, testing, project management and international development creates value across the asset lifecycle for our clients and communities.

Mixing it up to save mine costs

By eliminating the need for two separate water towers and a separate mixing facility, mine operations can now save costs and meet EPA requirements for the dilution of mine water prior to discharging to natural water ways.

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Sustainability in a time of rapid economic development

It’s believed Myanmar has the highest biodiversity of any country in Southeast Asia. As oil and gas projects get underway, there is a need to think carefully about how to protect the country’s rich biological resources.

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31 July 2015
Using organised sport to build leadership capacity in developing nations

Large sporting events are increasingly seen as a way to inspire all, including those with limited resources. Tanim Graun's expert panel will explore this in a televised debate.

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10 July 2015
Keynote address to discuss EU communication practices

Karolina Wrona is the keynote speaker at this year’s European Conference on Public Communication this October.

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8 July 2015
Coffey early adopters of contaminated land consultant certification

Four Coffey site assessment and remediation employees were among the first practitioners certified with Site Contamination Practitioners Australia.

Some careers are all about the work. Ours call for a deeper contribution.

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