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Are your foundations ok after the earthquake?

How can you tell if your foundations are damaged after an earthquake? We have an easy and practical solution to help assess the damage – and manage your risk.

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How can you de-risk your next property development project?

Investing in property development can be risky. Certain ground conditions can delay your development’s progress and end up costing you a bundle. And for the most part they’re hidden below ground. But if you know what to look for, the plants growing on your site can help.

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27 August 2014
The role of the church shaping public policy in Papua New Guinea

The role of the church in public debate and policy development will be discussed this week as part of the Tanim Graun, or ‘turn the earth’ panel sessions.

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25 August 2014
Coffey welcomes Rhett Duncan

Rhett Duncan joins us as our new Group Executive Testing today.

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20 August 2014
Laos and Australia partner to train government leaders

Key people from Government of Laos ministries will attend professional development workshops over the next week, designed to increase their skills in human resource development planning.

Some careers are all about the work. Ours call for a deeper contribution.

We’re specialists. We bring deep experience to complex projects. But our clients expect more – and that’s important to us.

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