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Minimising sample error

Effective mine planning relies on high quality information to inform your resource estimate. As with all sample analysis, there is a level of error to contend with – but there are some statistical margins that are acceptable to work within.

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A smarter infill drilling program can improve confidence in your mineral resource classification

If you knew that your infill drillhole spacing could be optimised to produce reliable, cost-effective results - would that provide you with a greater level of confidence in future exploration programs?

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Latest news

25 September 2014
WestConnex M4 East geotechnical investigations underway

Coffey is delivering geotechnical site investigations for a section of WestConnex to support the project’s design and construct tendering phase.

Latest news

16 September 2014
50 Australia Awards scholarships awarded in Laos

Australian Education Minister Christopher Pyne presented 50 Lao students with Australia Awards Scholarships, which are managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government through the Laos Australia Institute.

Latest news

8 September 2014
International literacy day: early primary support in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Education Support Program is an initiative managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand governments that will see schools across Vanuatu receive education kits designed to improve the literacy and numeracy of children from kindergarten to year three.

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