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A smarter infill drilling program can improve confidence in your mineral resource classification

If you knew that your infill drillhole spacing could be optimised to produce reliable, cost-effective results - would that provide you with a greater level of confidence in future exploration programs?

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Ground support optimisation can save your schedule, and your budget

Efficiency and optimisation is front of mind for mining operations in today’s tightened market. But close collaboration between designers and contractors can deliver smart design solutions that will save you time, and ultimately money.

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Latest news

8 September 2014
International literacy day: early primary support in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Education Support Program is an initiative managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand governments that will see schools across Vanuatu receive education kits designed to improve the literacy and numeracy of children from kindergarten to year three.

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27 August 2014
The role of the church shaping public policy in Papua New Guinea

The role of the church in public debate and policy development will be discussed this week as part of the Tanim Graun, or ‘turn the earth’ panel sessions.

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25 August 2014
Coffey welcomes Rhett Duncan

Rhett Duncan joins us as our new Group Executive Testing today.

Some careers are all about the work. Ours call for a deeper contribution.

We’re specialists. We bring deep experience to complex projects. But our clients expect more – and that’s important to us.

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