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In transport infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, property and international development.

Exploring innovative tailings storage solutions

You can reduce operation costs – and significantly. One way to assess the advantage potential is to undertake value engineering or options studies.

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Uranium opportunities in Australia – timely project approvals

Achieving timely project approvals for uranium mining projects can be challenging. But with proactive planning and effective community and stakeholder engagement strategies, this can be achieved. To find out more read our Coffey insight focused on project approvals in the Australian uranium industry.

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Latest news

20 October 2014
Stories from the people of Aceh through the Coffey managed Logica 2 project

The people of Aceh, Indonesia, worked with Coffey to improve living standards in health, education and family wellbeing.

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17 October 2014
New Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solution launched in Brazil

São Paulo Minister for the Environment launches a SDI solution that will integrate all of their environmental spatial datasets from across the state.

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13 October 2014
International Day for Disaster Reduction: Fiji disaster preparedness

On the International Day of Disaster Reduction, we look at the Coffey managed Fiji Community Development Program, which supported the people of Fiji through Cyclone Evan in 2012.

Some careers are all about the work. Ours call for a deeper contribution.

We’re specialists. We bring deep experience to complex projects. But our clients expect more – and that’s important to us.

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