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Coffey is proud to announce Tim Breen as a recipient of the 2016 Keystone Trust scholarship – a New Zealand based initiative providing opportunities for students focused on careers in the property industry.

Coffey will mentor Tim, in its 10th year sponsoring the Keystone Trust, as he works towards completion of his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

Coffey General Manager Project Management South Island Paul Haggath congratulated Tim, welcoming him to the program and to Coffey.

“Tim was very impressive, full of confidence and enthusiasm.  He’s the perfect candidate to mark a great milestone for us – a decade of student sponsorship with Keystone Trust,” Paul said.

“Tim will have the opportunity to work with Coffey project managers and geoservice experts in Christchurch, gaining exposure to a variety of projects.”

The Keystone Trust scholarship provides financial support, mentoring and a unique chance to access experience within the property industry.

Paul explained that Coffey’s long-standing relationship with the Keystone Trust focused on providing real industry experience for graduates.

“We believe the aid they give students and alumni helps ensure graduates entering the industry are well rounded and more experienced than many of their peers,” Paul said

Tim said he was extremely thankful for this opportunity because he’s always had an interest in the property industry – from building design to development and management.

“I’m looking forward to the mentorship and exposure to the industry that I’ll receive,” Tim said.

Photo (L-R): Coffey's Assistant Project Manager Nicola Tocker, Group Executive Property Infrastructure Richard Biesheuvel, Principal Geotechnical Engineer Michael Norman, Coffey Scholarship Recipient Tim Breen, General Manager Project Management North Island Julian Butson, General Manager Project Management South Island Paul Haggath, General Manager Geoservices New Zealand Andrew Mailer.