• Dr Ashok Peiris

    Principal Geotechnical Engineer

    Dr Ashok Peiris tells us about the most memorable projects he's worked on at Coffey and shares what he's looking forward to now, as part of Tetra Tech.

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  • Brigid Moriarty

    Senior Associate Hydrogeologist

    Brigid Moriarty works with our clients to help them better understand, use and manage groundwater resources.

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  • Dr Karolina Wrona

    Consultant in the Evaluation and Research Practice

    Dr Karolina Wrona revels in developing methodologies, gathering and analysing evidence. She creates original and unique methodologies to tackle each project’s evaluation questions and challenges.

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  • Andrew Collingwood


    Andrew Collingwood didn’t take a typical career path into international development – bringing a wide range of experience to managing programs in Pakistan.

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