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Interview with
Dr Karolina Wrona
Consultant in the Evaluation and Research Practice

What path led you to Coffey? 

I completed a PhD in Politics and International Relations (Aston University, Birmingham).

Prior to completing my PhD I worked in the West Midlands European Service, helping organisations in Greater Birmingham to build capacity in applying for Transnational EU Funding (programmes such as Marie Curie, INTERREG, Leonardo) and preparing the Baseline Report of the West Midland’s use of this funding.  

Before my post in Birmingham I was a lecturer at a university in Southern Poland.  I completed my MSc in Economics in Poland (with a brief period of Erasmus in Finland) and during my studies I was an intern in the Polish Ministry for Regional Development.

What does your job involve? What do you do?

My job involves developing methodologies, gathering and analysing evidence and writing reports and preparing presentations for our clients (in particular European Union institutions).

I also manage parts of evaluation and impact assessment projects, coordinate the work of external experts, and contribute to the preparation of new tenders for Coffey.

Tell us about the challenges you face in your role?

I would say the hardest part is coming up with original and unique methodologies to tackle each project’s evaluation questions and challenges. However it is very satisfying when I am successful. 

What keeps you motivated?

It’s very difficult to pin-point just one thing.

My team creates the best working environment one could ever imagine! 

What I also like is that the evaluation reports that we deliver to our main client (the Europe Commission) are always taken notice of and really make an impact on policies.

Another thing is that we work on many projects, each of them unique and bespoke, and hence the job is anything but repetitive.

Where has Coffey taken you? 

For most of the time I am based in the London office – with regular travel to meet different Directorate-Generals of the European Commission in Brussels. I also travel within Europe to carry out project fieldwork. Last year I have spent a few days in Riga, Latvia, which I loved.