New properties can’t just meet the demands of today. They need to stand the test of time and deliver value over the long-term. Property developers require new thinking and improved approaches to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Tomorrow’s living, work and play areas require collaboration from all involved in the development process. The vast majority of projects which fail to achieve their time, cost and quality objectives either lacked proper project planning and controls or were poorly implemented and managed.

Our expert team of project managers, environmental consultants, geotechnical engineers and testers are working with our clients and the industry to find smarter solutions to get projects off the ground, and on track for sustainable success.

At Coffey we understand the many complexities and risks inherent within a property development project, including design methodologies; local ground conditions; stakeholder consultation; project approvals; construction, commissioning and handover sequencing and project programs that reflect reality.

As specialist and independent project managers, we will manage the procurement of these facilities from inception to completion.

  • Defence

    Defence manages a large portfolio of technically complex facilities. Upgrades and new buildings are often delivered in operational environments, requiring close cooperation and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.

    We take a client focussed approach to identify the key objectives for each project. This provides the basis to drive design development, balancing the competing needs of different stakeholder groups and managing scope throughout delivery.

    We have excellent knowledge of the government approvals process, from strategic business case and detailed business case preparation to Parliamentary Works Committee approvals. Our specialist staff holds Defence specific security clearances.

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  • Education

    Education facilities are built to meet specific needs for today and the future. State-of-the-art facilities are essential to attract new students. At the same time, these facilities need to be optimised for ongoing operation and maintenance.

    Managing your risk is an important part of our role. We collaborate extensively with all stakeholders to produce innovative, functional solutions that minimise the occupational health and safety risk to staff and students, as well as minimising construction disruption.

    Our distinctive approach to project management, coupled with our ability to act independently of all design and development activities, ensures successful project outcomes.

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  • Health

    The health industry continues to re-invent itself as it responds to global trends and population needs. A clear understanding of the accommodation and service requirements of health related accreditations is essential. When managing the delivery of these investments, an appreciation of the downstream impacts on efficiency, operations, maintenance, redundancy and replacement costs over the economic life of the asset is fundamental.

    We have a strong track record of managing multi-disciplinary consultant teams, contractors and client stakeholder groups. Our teams have demonstrated experience in refurbishment, strategic analysis, health facility design concepts, critical care requirements, user group consultation and management of healthcare facilities both in Australia and internationally.

    Working closely with you, we remove impediments, solve complex problems and reduce your risk. Together, we’ve delivered more than $5 billion of health and aged care projects, gathering the best ideas from around the world and driving innovation in strategy, sustainable design and delivery.

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  • Justice

    Courthouses, police stations, medical and correctional facilities are purpose designed and built premises. They each have their own unique use and design requirements to optimise functionality.

    A courthouse, and to a lesser extent police buildings, need to feel stately and have presence, but also need to be durable.

    The experience of our team means we understand your design requirements. For example, for the health, safety and security of judicial staff, jurors, witnesses and the accused, separate travel paths are required. Also, many historic buildings need to stay relevant in today’s modern world and require upgrading to meet technology and advanced communication requirements.

    We’re there with you from the outset, ensuring design teams are across these challenges and keeping them front of mind during each phase of the project lifecycle.

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  • Commercial

    Whether managing regulatory approvals, refurbishment, timely delivery or community expectations, sourcing appropriately qualified and experienced specialists with the knowledge to successfully lead large scale developments is crucial.

    We fully understand the contractual relationships between all parties working on these developments. You can be assured they understand the roles, responsibilities and deliverables of all stakeholders.
    Working alongside you, we entrench ourselves into the development as an integral part of the decision making process. We ensure your commercial interests are upheld during contract administration and the tender process and work closely with the main contractor thereafter.

    During the defects liability period, we’ll manage the review and acceptance process associated with the building’s operations and maintenance manuals and warranties. This includes managing the financial close out.

    Upon completion, the same team will ensure a seamless transition from main contractor to building manager, particularly when tenancy integrated fit outs are undertaken.

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  • Residential

    Residential development projects must be delivered in increasingly shorter time frames, yet still within budget. High demand also creates high stakeholder expectations. But in a fast moving market, speed can erode sales margins. You need to keep project costs under control and avoid surprises.

    Whatever the challenge, our project managers and consultants make sure our clients know exactly what they’re dealing with. We’ll address your remediation needs, design limitations or construction issues to set the project up to succeed.

    Residential developments are getting ever more complex and risky. Our project management professionals will help you reduce risk by overseeing every element throughout planning, design and construction. Backed by their advice, oversight and leading expertise, projects are often completed ahead of time – and always within budget.

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  • Sport and leisure

    Developing sport and leisure facilities can be expensive. Future proofing their viability in terms of user experience, growth and technology advancements requires knowledge of the client’s business and operational requirements and its potential funding opportunities. Developing a design that will attract consumers to meet projected demand requires specialist skill. 

    The key to successful project delivery is effective planning and execution. Our project managers have a thorough understanding of these complexities and have developed best practice systems and processes to enable them to consistently and efficiently deliver within the competitive commercial environment.

    We tailor solutions to meet the many and varied challenges associated with large, high profile, and complex projects in the sport and leisure industry.

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Our services

  • Planning & approvals

    Planning & approvals

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    Project management services

    • development management
    • program management
    • project brief and needs analysis
    • project feasibility studies
    • business case development
    • project structuring
    • project planning workshops
    • project management planning
    • design procurement management

    property stage1


    • environmental due diligence
    • environmental planning & approvals
    • environmental & social impact assessments
    • contaminated land assessment
    • hazardous materials inspection
    • community & environmental authority stakeholder consultation
    • geotechnical & geophysical investigations/analysis
    • geomorphological surveys
    • geotechnical risk assessments
    • concept geotechnical design
    • slope hazard assessments
    • geological modelling
    • construction materials sourcing & re-use
    • land capability assessments/rezoning
    • urban salinity assessments
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  • Design


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    Project management services

    • development management
    • program management
    • design management
    • stakeholder consultation
    • contractor procurement management
    • value management facilitation

    property stage2


    • site assessment & remediation design
    • community & environmental authority stakeholder consultation
    • geotechnical design
    • foundation, basement and retaining wall design
    • materials testing
    • detailed geotechnical investigations
    • ground improvement design
    • in-ground structures design
    • earthworks design & material re-use
    • groundwater inflow assessment & control design
    • instrumentation & monitoring design
    • settlement assessments
    • rock mechanics
    • numerical modelling
    • site classification (AS2780-2011)
    • pavement design
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  • Construction


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    Project management services

    • development management
    • program management
    • construction management
    • contract superintendency
    • tenancy co-ordination
    • fit-out management
    • project commissioning & handover management

    property stage3


    • environmental compliance auditing
    • site safety management systems & auditing
    • noise and vibration monitoring
    • site remediation & validation
    • site safety & contractor management
    • environmental & occupational monitoring
    • foundation construction monitoring & supervision
    • materials testing
    • construction monitoring
    • temporary works design
    • earthworks advice & material re-use
    • construction dewatering
    • water supply/disposal
    • vibration & ground movement monitoring
    • ground improvement monitoring and interpretation
    • crane/piling pad assessments
    • bearing capacity assessments


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  • Management & maintenance

    Management & maintenance

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    Project management services

    • development management
    • program management
    • refurbishment management

    property stage4


    • environmental performance reporting
    • hazardous materials inspections & removal/remediation
    • groundwater monitoring & reporting
    • environmental management systems
    • safety management systems
    • dangerous goods assessments
    • health and ecological risk assessments
    • occupational hygiene assessments
    • safety training
    • slope hazard risk assessments and remediation
    • asset condition surveys
    • interpretation of monitoring data
    • pavement assessment and remediation/rehabilitation
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  • Disposal / renewal

    Disposal / renewal

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    Project management services

    • development management
    • program management

    property stage5


    • environmental due diligence
    • hazardous materials inspections & removal/ remediation
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