A number of African countries are experiencing fast economic growth, but poverty and instability continue to affect the lives of millions of people living on the continent.

Stability, good governance, and equitable economic growth are key aims of our projects in Africa. We work with organisations such as Danida, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank to tackle challenges that range from poverty and gender inequality to insecurity and poor public service delivery. We also undertake independent evaluations of donor programs and provide monitoring and evaluation support to projects, organisations and government agencies across the continent.

Supporting stability, economic growth and good governance

Our extensive experience in fragile and conflict-affected states means we work effectively in challenging regions. We’ve run projects in countries experiencing major political instability and insecurity, such as Sierra Leone, Somalia, and South Sudan.

Local partners are key to the success and sustainability of our programs. So we join forces with NGOs, business advocacy organisations, the media and governments to deliver results. 

In addition to multiple project offices in Africa, our headquarters in Nairobi supports our international development work in East Africa.



  • Increasing government responsiveness to the needs of Ghana's poor and disadvantaged