Aotearoa is a country with a spectacularly diverse geological profile and extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. Balancing this while responding to an increased demand for new infrastructure can be challenging.

New Zealand ranks among the strongest growing advanced economies in the world and meeting the demands that go with this growth will be tough.

Coffey’s presence in New Zealand spans more than 40 years. Our specialist services combined with our understanding of local conditions is crucial to the delivery of innovative solutions tailored to this unique environment.

Our team provides smarter solutions at every stage of the asset lifecycle across New Zealand – from our offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Connecting communities and supporting productivity

Our significant network of existing and planned state highways and local roads, and the expansion and development of our airports and ports is being driven by a growing population and a need to service increasing passenger and freight demands. These are complex projects that come into contact with a variety of topographical, geological and environmental conditions, often in challenging locations.

Our project managers, environmental consultants, geotechnical engineers and technicians can provide the expertise and local knowledge to manage the challenges that come with your transportation project. 

Growing our cities

The property industry is experiencing a resurgence driven by a growing population – particularly in Auckland. Entirely new mixed-use regional hubs are taking shape to support population and business growth, and reduce residential and commercial pressure on inner city areas.

The shortage of land in built regions means land previously allocated for industrial use is being repurposed. Our contaminated land assessment, and remediation specialists will identify hazards long before they can cause problems – an essential service in relation to the resource and building consent process. And our understanding of the complex, local ground conditions combined with our testing specialists will be essential to this process. We bring innovative solutions, whether it’s for development in already densely populated urban areas or tracts of greenfield.

As these new town centres and community facilities emerge, working closely with land owners, developers and government agencies will help us meet our responsibility to create sustainable, liveable spaces for all future generations to enjoy.

Providing sustainable and future proofing solutions

New Zealand has a reputation for being ‘clean and green’ and the movement towards sustainability has impacted how businesses approach the upswing for commercial, industrial and residential property developments. 

Our project management team has designed smarter, greener solutions for energy use and incorporate these concepts into their clients’ designs as standard.

Earthquake strengthening

The Canterbury earthquake sequence resulted in a call for nationwide infrastructure standards. As a result, more stringent building regulations, seismic engineering and safety standards are being enforced, impacting not only new builds but existing ones too. Additionally, New Zealand is currently embarking on a massive program of earthquake strengthening works costing tens of millions of dollars. These works will minimise the potential impact that future earthquakes may have on infrastructure, especially their built infrastructure and their foundations.

We’ve developed a technique that will assess the structural integrity of in-service deep foundations following an earthquake event, meaning many buildings that would have previously been written off as unsafe may be saved. Read more

And while Canterbury’s recovery is far from over, it is transitioning from the immediate challenges of restoring basic infrastructure to seizing an unprecedented urban renewal opportunity. Its bold 100 year vision to be New Zealand’s premier city requires successful planning and delivery. Right now, our people are mobilising to find smarter solutions to get these iconic projects off the ground, including the Avon River Precinct development, Christchurch Bus Interchange and International Airport Terminal Redevelopment project.

Our people are at the forefront of best practice. To assist our clients make informed decisions, our geotechnical engineers conduct detailed ground investigations to understand, communicate and minimise risk.

Delivering faster test results

Design boundaries can be pushed based on a higher degree of certainty of material performance. Our geotechnical and materials testing businesses use state-of-the-art equipment to provide detailed information to help clarify your position.

Our laboratories are IANZ (NATA) accredited. We provide services from routine geotechnical testing to the production of highly specialist test data that address a range of industry challenges. We understand that time is money, which is why our specialist testing equipment uses automation and remote monitoring technology to reduce our test times and bring you results faster. Combined with our advanced drilling equipment, you have access to a complete and cost effective drilling package, with better sample coverage and ultimate clarity around your project conditions.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

What if you could see the flaws in your design before they’ve left the drawing board? We’ve recently launched a new BIM service that allows you to do just that.

Integrating all elements of design can assist you to visualise, identify and mitigate clashes before they become an issue during construction. And we have the only system in the market able to interface with all design packages, saving you time and money. Read more