Large cities, growing populations and renewed infrastructure spending is breathing new life into Europe. And it plays a central role on the political stage, leading international development programs in Europe and beyond.

We’ve worked with our clients to deliver projects that shape and grow communities for more than 20 years.

We’ve provided expert geotechnical engineering solutions to our government and private sector clients.  And our local teams have implemented international development projects across Africa and Asia, as well as evaluation and research projects for the European Commission.

Supporting progress in transport infrastructure

As many European markets return to growth transportation networks are receiving considerable attention. Population growth is driving more and more development on – and under – marginal, difficult and constrained land.

Our geotechnical team provides pragmatic and buildable solutions, particularly on highway and rail projects. .

We’ve managed and mitigated risk on some of the most important transportation projects in the region. Over recent years we’ve worked on the HS2, Crossrail and M80 in the UK as well as many major infrastructure projects in Ireland and the rest of the world.

Bringing expertise to property projects

We’re building taller, deeper and more complex structures - often in very dense urban areas or with poor ground conditions.  Understanding the ground conditions is vital to the success of any project.

Our team work across the property industry.  We have strong expertise and a reputation for delivering projects in the logistics market as well as for deep basements. We bring high quality geotechnical advice on potential ground hazards and constraints enabling our clients to take intelligent risks and manage project costs.

Building efficient resource developments

Resource developments need safe and optimised designs.

Over recent years we have provided geotechnical advice on mining projects in the Middle East and West Africa. And we’re currently the designers for both the tailings and water supply dams for Hemmerdon mine, which is the largest new mine development in the UK in recent times.

We advised on several facilities in the oil and gas industry, including for production facilities, pipelines and tank farm foundation designs.

Evaluating public sector interventions

Our London-based research, monitoring and evaluation team is one of Europe’s principal providers of evaluation and consultancy services. We provide high quality and independent evaluations, monitoring, impact assessments, and information and communication consultancy services. We are an industry leader known for rigorous and thorough evaluation work that combines qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Our extensive experience of the complex European Commission context has been built up over more than 20 years and 200 assignments with nearly all Directorates-General. Our work covers a broad range of European Union policy areas, including agriculture, communication, customs, education, employment, fisheries, health and social affairs. Learn more about our work for the European Commission.

We also work for a number of other clients at the European level, including the European Investment Bank and the UK government.

Supporting communities in need

When eastern European countries were undergoing cataclysmic economic and political changes in the 1990s, we supported the transition to more democratic institutions and of private sector development. Today, we continue to work with donors such as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) in European countries.

In Kosovo, we improved the delivery of social services to the poor. In the Ukraine, we worked to promote broader access to legal services. And in Serbia, we are promoting rule of law and judiciary independence and strengthening the ability of the government, independent agencies and civil society to detect and prevent corruption.