The Middle East is experiencing a series of conflicts and several countries are facing serious humanitarian challenges. The refugee crisis is putting a strain on countries’ resources and other issues, such as high unemployment, lack of gender equality and political instability, are common.

Our international development work in the Middle East builds effective public administration, responsive governance and the delivery of services throughout the region. We support youth development, economic growth, strong local communities and a vibrant civil society. From our offices in Dubai, Baghdad, Tripoli, Beirut and Rabat, we deliver tangible improvements critical to a stable Middle East.

In Syria, we are supporting civil society organisations so they can contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. In Palestine, we’ve been working to improve security for citizens. In Iraq, we implemented the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) flagship program to train a new cadre of civil servants and strengthen government institutions. Our work has also brought us to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen.