The Americas abound with opportunity and industry. From the political hub of Washington DC to the resource rich territories of South America, there are many layers to this important economy. Clients require innovative solutions to stay ahead, from a company that can deliver both locally and further afield to achieve project outcomes.

Coffey works across the Americas to deliver solutions in the oil and gas, mining, transport infrastructure and property industries. We also have  a subsidiary based in Washington DC, working closely with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to deliver projects throughout the world.

South America

Unexplored mineral deposits and significant oil and gas reserves make South America one of the world’s fastest growing economies. As the region grows, new infrastructure is also required. Our people bring local knowledge and the experience of working on projects throughout the world to this emerging region.

United States

Long known for its leadership on the global political stage, the United States maintains a strong involvement in the delivery of international development programs. Our subsidiary company, MSI, is based in Washington DC to help deliver these programs. Working closely with USAID and on projects in emerging economies across the globe, we’re helping build capacity and good governance where it’s needed most.