South America is host to vast tracts of unexplored, mineral rich territories - as well as some of the biggest conventional and unconventional oil and gas deposits in the world. These have the potential to promote economic and social development for many countries in the region. South America is also host to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, with demand for infrastructure development increasing to support this growth.

To meet these demands, Coffey can provide ‘in country’ knowledge and the latest ideas and concepts from around the world to help deliver the right outcome for all stakeholders. Being able to work seamlessly in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with direct links to Australia, North America, Africa and Asia allows us to bring innovative solutions from our global offices to South America.

We are focused on bringing innovative and practical solutions to the mining, oil and gas and transport and infrastructure industries.

Unravelling complex design

We provide innovative solutions to overcome complex design and environmental constraints for challenging projects. These include underground mines or shale oil fields which may be operating adjacent to national parks and communities; optimising operations through the use of instrumentation and monitoring and numerical modelling; or creating geo-referenced data base and reporting solutions for governments to meet urban and environmental planning requirements.

Data management

To really understand your project, you need to use your data in a way that brings it to life. Interpreting data so that you understand the challenges and opportunities that exist within your resource can help maximise project value. We use empirical data from the field using the latest automated data capture and transfer techniques to seamlessly generate reliable databases. By combining detailed technical data into geo-referenced visual terrain models, everyone can understand the concept and the opportunity.

Geo-technology and virtual reality

When you’re working on large engineering and construction projects, it helps to know where you’re headed.

We combine data from a wide variety of sources with detailed technical models to generate real world simulations for your audience, including investors, the board, the technical operations team, regulators and communities. By taking information management one step further and creating a virtual reality environment, stakeholders can see the plan in fine detail, from any angle. Significant cost savings are a reality through collaborative decision making and risk assessment.

Combining detailed technical design and advice with easy to navigate visualisations also improves the effectiveness of safety training and boosts operational efficiency. Read more