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Bradford Rohmer

Principal Consultant

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I’m a principal consultant and am responsible for our evaluation work in the European Union context. I have been with Coffey for more than six years and have led the design and execution of numerous evaluation studies using a variety of social research methodologies and covering a broad range of policy areas.

Much of my work concerns finding ways to effectively structure and present masses of information, often from many European countries, through a rigorous approach to research design, execution and analysis. More formally, this uses a range of evaluation theories, qualitative and quantitative social science research methods and data collection tools including focus groups, depth and semi-structured interviews, case studies and survey design and analysis. Before joining Coffey, I worked on European policy in the non-profit and public sectors and studied political science and economics.

I am proud to be involved with diverse and competent colleagues who work hard to provide public sector clients with a fresh, well-informed and objective perspective on the problems they face.