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As an international development principal, I lead our governance, security and justice teams based out of London. I work in post-conflict regions to help improve stability and support governance, security and justice in fragile states. I’ve worked extensively in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kenya and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa.

I understand the importance of supporting states that wish to create stability and improved security through transparent, accountable and participative government institutions that enjoy popular support. My team is a market leader with a strong track record in the practical application of adaptive programming. We seek to balance smarter solutions to supporting institutions to be better at what they do with innovative ways of generating increased public demand for better services. My work supporting local government in Afghanistan highlighted the value of delivering a coordinated strategy approach to local governance that was focused on legitimacy and grounded in an acute understanding of local context.

I’m proud to support people from fragile and conflict affected states as they work toward a better tomorrow. It’s an exciting and incredibly complex time in their development – and I’m passionate about ensuring they have the right support to enable them to ensure their long term success.