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Daniel Morgan

Principal Consultant – Team Leader - Hazardous Materials Workplace Health and Safety

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I have 30 years’ experience providing asbestos consultation services in the NYC Metropolitan area. My career in Asbestos Abatement Project Management in the USA included working very closely with government regulators (NYC DEP, NYCDOH, and NYSDOL). Over these years, I have developed a specialist expertise in the development of compliance based risk assessments to address the safe management of asbestos removal projects.  

Since arriving in Australia in 2009, I have worked for several leading asbestos consultancies in Western Australia as a Principal Consultant and Team Leader. During this time period I have developed a positive working relationships with several major Australian companies and have project managed high level government abatement projects in Western Australia and New South Wales. These developed relationships, combined with a professional and proactive approach, have resulted in obtaining a reputation for providing quality services to clients in a competent, timely and economic fashion.

Perth Children’s Hospital 2016 – Ongoing
Nominated as Project Director to oversee the day to day remedial operations due to the discovery and inadvertent disturbance of asbestos containing materials in newly imported roofing panels.

CBH Group
Project Director of the 2015 Annual Re-Inspection of Four Major Port Terminals including ship loaders and wharf infrastructure. Project also includes the re-inspection of over 200 regional grain receival sites.
Development of the CBH Group corporate Asbestos Management Plan which was completed and implemented in 2013 to manage all confirmed and presumed asbestos containing materials identified during the initial hazardous material inspections.

Public Transportation Authority 2014
Development of site specific asbestos risk assessments and technical specifications to address the asbestos removal, decontamination requirements and in situ management of asbestos containing materials at various properties across the Perth metro and regional areas.
Nominated as Project Director for the oversight and management of an ongoing $1.75 million asbestos abatement project in a sensitive occupied building.

Spotless Defence - 2012 & 2014 Asbestos Inspection Programme - Western Region (WA, SA, NT)
Project scope included the reinspection of asbestos situations in over 2000 structures on Defence properties throughout the Western Region.
The Project has been successfully delivered on time and within budget ($1.1m).

As part of a national project, I was nominated as the WA State project manager to assist Telstra subcontractors with the of project management and asbestos hygiene services required during the NBN rollout. These services were required to provide a practical model to safely address the removal of asbestos lined communication pits throughout Western Australia. The project included the oversight of a team of consultants who supervised asbestos removalist companies, performed visual inspections and clearance air monitoring.

I’m proud to work at Coffey, where actively making a difference for our clients and for the people I work is a rewarding experience each and every day. 


Managing asbestos in sea containers

Recently, a number of sea containers have arrived at Australian ports contaminated with Chrysotile Asbestos in its raw form. This is due to the transportation of raw mined asbestos from countries that continue to use asbestos in their manufacturing processes.