Around the world, the construction industry is increasingly calling for the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) based design. BIM integrates all elements of a project design into a comprehensive electronic model to better coordinate and visualise project designs, assist in construction sequencing and planning, produce accurate real time as built documents, asset management and maintenance documents. 

At Coffey we’ve adapted a BIM management system that is fully interoperable with all design platforms and proprietary design packages. Our BIM system can fully integrate with existing construction related document management programs, so there’s no need to buy expensive design user licenses. Under the guidance of one of our BIM managers, our system will provide cost effective solution that’s user friendly, easy to understand and simple to use.

We will help you establish how to use BIM and integrate it into your projects.

We also offer an inclusive BIM solution by providing experienced BIM managers and licences to use our software as a single solution.

This can provide:

  • a cost effective solution that allows you to meet your contractual obligations
  • evaluation of your existing processes, integration of systems and operator training to get you ’BIM ready’
  • an experienced BIM manager or design manager who can quickly set up and manage your model
  • Coffey BIM software that integrates effectively with all major design, scheduling and BIM software currently in the market
  • a flexible resource that you can turn on and off to meet the needs of your projects and business

The key benefits of our service include:

  • identifying clashes early to prevent costly on-site delays, reducing variations and maximising your workforce potential
  • linking BIM model to program in order to plan and schedule using real-time modelling
  • easy development of quality As-Built documentation and a ‘living’ building model for handover to the client
  • real time collaboration between designers, engineers and even the owner using a clear 3-D model approach