Spatial data can unlock a tremendous amount of information about your project. If managed and analysed well, it enables better decision making, higher process efficiencies and lower overall costs. 

It’s estimated that about 80% of unnecessary project expenditure results from defects identified during the construction phase. Uncoordinated planning and design creates unforeseen challenges, causing project delays and cost blowouts – not to mention increased maintenance costs. 

Bringing together complex and diverse data sets facilitates better decision making to support planning, design, training and management. Creating a meaningful view of your project will help you adopt the approach that best supports your business objectives.

At Coffey we provide solutions to capture, manage and display data through integrated solutions. This helps our clients address these issues and get better results throughout the asset lifecycle.

We specialise in the management, analysis and effective use of data. Combined with the latest visualisation solutions, this makes technical data easier to access and interpret, unlocking vital information to reveal new insights and enable early identification of challenges and opportunities. 

We specialise in three areas:

Our geospatial services gather and organise data to provide new project insights. Our team analyses and presents the results to allow informed decision making by all stakeholders.

Our BIM services integrate all elements of a project design into a comprehensive electronic model to drive a more coordinated design process. We can visualise project designs, assist in construction sequencing and planning and produce accurate real time project documentation.

Using our virtual reality capability we can create web and virtual models with real world references, including maps and immersive models so that all stakeholders can reach a common understanding of the project.