When you’re working on large engineering and construction projects, it helps to know where you’re headed. With Coffey’s virtual reality applications, you’re able to actually see the problem – and a range of proposed solutions – before you leave the design phase. 

Since 2006, Coffey has invested in developing world-class virtual reality applications for our clients across mining, property and transport infrastructure and oil and gas.

To truly understand and make smart decisions about your project, you need to be able to visualise and interpret all the data. At Coffey we’ve combined our expertise in geoservices and project delivery with the best virtual reality software and hardware in the industry.

Using this technology means potential issues are identified earlier, which can significantly reduce costs. Collaborative decision-making and risk-assessment becomes much easier to coordinate. And, because you’re able to immerse yourself in the model, and visualise a project from every angle, training and corporate presentations become much more sophisticated.

Virtual reality allows our clients to visualise future impacts. Improved transparency increases community confidence and helps local groups to see the relationship between the project and the potential impact on its environment. And virtual safety training will enable your team to practice operating procedures in an immersive, virtual environment before heading to site.


  • Minimising risk through virtual reality