Client name: Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Duration: 2011 - ongoing

Location: Papua New Guinea

The Provincial and Local-level Governments Program in Papua New Guinea is helping overcome the challenges of service delivery across the country by enhancing inter-governmental relations and processes.


Papua New Guinea faces a range of socioeconomic barriers to economic growth, resulting in poor delivery of services. Much of the country faces severe poverty and communications barriers create challenges, with 800 different dialects spoken by seven million citizens. The country also has a low life expectancy of 60 years, a high maternal mortality rate and an infant mortality rate of with 47 deaths per 1000 live births. The Government of Papua New Guinea, in conjunction with the Australian Government, aims to overcome these challenges by developing an effective and functioning public sector that delivers decentralised services to the people of Papua New Guinea.


The Provincial and Local-level Governments Program (PLGP), managed by Coffey since 2011, works closely with Papua New Guinea governments to improve the support and quality of service delivery to the country’s men, women and children. The program works to enhance processes and inter-governmental relations in selected provinces and districts across PNG to create a decentralised and effective public sector.
The program aims to strengthen existing weaknesses in public administration by improving public financial management, policy coordination, human resources management, power and leadership struggles, and logistical and technical issues.
PLGP delivers a practical, whole of government approach to address the constraints and challenges of local culture, traditions and institutions to effective service delivery.


The engagement of a dedicated gender and social inclusion adviser has ensured gender and social inclusion mainstreaming on all activities across the program.

We’ve implemented the Kokoda Initiative Development Program to support the sustainable development of the Owen Stanley Ranges, Brown River Catchment and Kokoda Track Region. This work aims to protect and conserve the area’s environment and cultural values and keep the Kokoda Track safe and well managed, with a particular focus on health, education and water sanitation initiatives.

On Manus Island, local businesses were provided with a series of workshops over four months, including business and financial mentoring and training.

The program also supported the Autonomous Bougainville Government to address the economic, social and political factors hindering economic development after years of conflict.