Client name: USAID

Scope of work: Colombia Evaluation and Analysis for Learning (EVAL) 

Duration: 2013 - ongoing

Location: Colombia

MSI is working with USAID to implement effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) programs in Colombia to assess the progress of current development efforts and to create better aid programs for the future.


Colombia has a long history of political instability conflict. It is the unfortunate host of the longest ongoing armed conflict in the Americas, has suffered severe economic recession, and has been plagued by violence and poverty as a result of a drug trade that has dominated since the 1980s. More recently, despite continuing economic constraints including the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 and massive floods in 2010, both its economy and tourism industry are growing once again.

USAID is committed to working with Colombia to further support the country’s transition to economic prosperity. To do this, USAID needs credible, reliable and independent evaluations of its development programs, to determine what programs are succeeding which ones aren’t. These evaluations provide clear insight, helping shape future programming decisions.


Robust and consistent programs that are easily implemented will help improve and sustain Colombia’s economy.

Coffey’s Americas operation, MSI, is providing technical and advisory services to evaluate the impact of USAID programming in Colombia, including its remote regions. We are also providing assistance for hiring and training staff, and implementing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) program to deliver quality control and reporting.


We implemented evaluation studies designed in collaboration with USAID and in some cases, The Government of Colombia. The findings provided clear insight into Colombia’s development needs, limitations, and the strengths and weaknesses of past and existing USAID programming.

This is one of eight projects MSI is currently implementing, all of which aim to provide robust monitoring and evaluation services and support to USAID. MSI is also implementing similar projects in Vietnam, Ghana, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan and South Sudan, and recently finalised another project in Ethiopia.