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Leonardo Santana

Geotechnics Manager

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Who I am & what I do

I am the Geotechnics Manager for our operations in Brazil. I spent 15 years as a technical specialist, and the last 5 years as a business unit manager. I’ve been involved in projects related to underground spaces (caves and mining), instrumentation and monitoring, open pit design, numerical modelling and technological development (database, geotechnical instruments, and GIS).

What I’ve worked on

I have a background in GIS and geology for water resource and geotechnics. In particular, my GIS experience relates to geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, water resources, geology and mining. I have worked as a technical consultant in the design of solutions related to spatial data infrastructure, spatial database, geospatial analysis, GIS for mathematical modelling in engineering, products architecture design (software development), web mapping and data acquisition.

Why Coffey

I’m very proud to be part of our growing team of 14 geotechnical professionals, and strengthening our business partnerships to support our client’s activities in the South American market.