• Alice Chaplin

    General Manager New Zealand

    I am passionate about helping people see how rewarding an engineering career is and how impactful our collective efforts are. There are very few careers where you can say that your work will be used by millions of people for generations to come.

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  • Emma Waterhouse

    Senior Principal & New Zealand Environments Team Leader

    Never dismiss an opportunity just because it seems too hard. Don’t make excuses or say the time isn’t right, because it never is and it’s those moments that define your career.

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  • Joanna Jones

    East Tamaki Laboratory Manager

    Be confident in your knowledge and don't be afraid if you don't know something; there is always a way to find the answer.

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  • Cameron Baldock

    Environmental Consultant

    I'm constantly challenged to find ways to improve our service offering and ensure we produce the highest quality deliverables and achieve the desired outcomes for our clients.

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  • Emma Bell

    Senior Project Manager

    As a project manager I have learnt to never assume, ask questions and to always be honest.

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  • Shaun McKay

    Environmental Consultant

    Each project represents new and inspiring challenges including reacquainting myself with updated legislation and the appropriate application for each site scenario.

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  • Lonnie Pack

    Principal Civil/Structural Engineer

    I developed a passion for finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

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  • Casey O'Farrell

    Principal Contaminant Hydrogeologist

    Always get involved in forums where information is exchanged, the connections you make when sharing and discussing new ideas are invaluable and often unexpected.

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  • Brett Gray

    Structural Engineer

    The greatest rewards come from working on the more technically challenging projects.

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  • Brigid Moriarty

    Principal Hydrogeologist

    Brigid Moriarty works with our clients to help them better understand, use and manage groundwater resources.

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