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Tania Laurencont

Principal Mine Closure Consultant

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I am a Principal mine closure consultant with over 20 years’ post-graduate experience working across government and private sectors in Australia and overseas.

I specialise in the assessment and management of environmental and social issues on resource projects and have extensive experience in environmental management and undertaking due diligence and compliance auditing both for the mining industry and government.

My strong stakeholder engagement skills developed across all sectors enables me to communicate complex scientific issues clearly and concisely to stakeholders. This was highlighted when, as Principal Mining Scientist for the Northern Territory Government, I led the Commonwealth’s Rum Jungle Mine Rehabilitation Project. This involved significant technical oversight and highly sensitive stakeholder engagement where I developed strong relationships with community including Indigenous land owners.

I have extensive experience as an environmental regulator across several industry sectors from mining, mineral processing, heavy industry, port operations, local government and projects of ‘State Significance’. Projects I have worked on include all stages of mine development across all commodity types from pre-feasibility studies for a Greenfield gold mining operation through to closure planning at operating base metal mine sites.

I continue to work with the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (UN IAEA) developing technical guidance on the remediation of legacy and operational uranium mines. I provide training and technical expertise to support representatives of UN member states; most recently travelling to South America to train in the assessment, remediation and monitoring of legacy uranium mine.

I believe collaborating with our project partners and our clients; specifically, in Australia, South East Asia and North America to find the most practical solutions to address business risks within the mining industry has benefited all of us.

I love the challenge of managing technically complex projects, significant budgets, tight timeframes and large teams of technical specialists to create innovative and practical solutions.

I am very proud to be able to work with our clients to rapidly assess and manage risks posed by their sites and ensure that they are compliant with regulatory requirements and community expectations.