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Michael Blackam

Senior Principal

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I’m a Senior Principal in the field of groundwater and hydrology. My experience includes over 16 years in consulting, 7 years as a company director and 12 years engineering in the aviation industry. During my consulting career, I’ve worked extensively on a broad range of hydrogeological, environmental and engineering projects, for both the public and private sectors.

My experience includes groundwater resource assessment and investigation, environmental impact assessment, land and groundwater salinity, mining hydrogeology, coal seam gas groundwater, mine and construction dewatering, wastewater re-use and landfill hydrology. I have extensive groundwater and contaminant transport modelling experience, having delivered many successful projects that include regional-scale groundwater modelling for resource management, modelling and conceptualisation for unconventional gas, contaminant transport and decay modelling of organic pollutants, and particle transport modelling for remediation systems. In the areas of hydrology, I have experience in water balance modelling for mine water process circuits, water supply reliability assessment, and the effects of climate change. I also model surface water processes and have delivered projects ranging from local site models through to catchment and river basin models.

Delivering timely and efficient results for our clients on challenging cross-disciplinary projects provides me with a high level of professional interest and personal satisfaction.


START - An innovative carbon-neutral groundwater remediation system

How Coffey developed an award winning sustainable remediation system that utilises alternative (solar) energy sources to pump, heat, aerate and re-inject contaminated groundwater.