From Melbourne, Sydney up to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, across to Perth and over to New Zealand our soil testing estimates the characteristics of ground surface movement under the load of construction – a vital part of the process of creating a long lasting and safe built environment.

Characterising soils to determine the mix of sand, silt or clay facilitates a clearer understanding of the predicted behaviour of soils in a geotechnical design.

Our speciality soil testing measures strength and compressibility properties for the design of foundations, slopes and embankments – in accordance with Australian and Transport Authority standards.

We offer a range from common compaction control and quality conformance testing for the construction of roads, dams and building foundations through to specialised geotechnical testing to determine consolidation, direct shear and permeability characteristics of soils.

These specialised soil testing services include:

  • soil classification
  • material quality and conformance
  • compaction control testing including pre-treatment
  • routine stress and strain measurements
  • specialty soils mechanics testing
  • triaxial compression tests
  • unconfined compression test
  • consolidation tests
  • solid density tests
  • direct shear test (100mm & 300mm)
  • hydrometer/sedimentation particle-size analysis
  • permeability tests
  • pin-hole dispersion test
  • chemical testing

Our specialist testing equipment enables us to deliver a continuous 24/7 soil testing capability – providing immediate status reports on tests, increased automation, reduced risk of error, and improved turnaround times.